Yamaha YRS24B Descant Soprano Recorder

Yamaha YRS24B Descant Soprano Recorder


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Possibly the world's most popular model, this recorder is easy to play and has a clear soft tone. It is ideal for school use. System

Key Features:

  • Easy to play with precise, uniform intonation for players of all levels, the YRS-24B is perfect for the beginning musician.
  • The baroque fingering system is one of the features that makes the YRS-24B the most popular school recorder.
  • Constructed from ABS resin plastic
  • A very durable plastic without glue or adhesives ideal for student recorders.
  • The three-piece construction of this recorder makes tuning easy and cleaning easier.


  • Key systems: Baroque system
  • Body Material: ABS Resin
  • Voice Key: C
  • Included accessories: Cotton case and fingering chart