Yamaha MODX8+ 88 Graded Hammer Key Synthesizer


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The MODX+ improves on the popular MODX synthesizers with significant flexibility and performance for discerning musicians and producers. It features larger memory, greater polyphony and improved controls, keeping the same high-quality build and lightweight compactness of the original. The three new models MODX6+, MODX7+ and MODX8+ are Inspired by the outstanding functionality and sound of the Yamaha MONTAGE synthesizers – they have more potential for music-making.


  • These new synthesizers feature 1.75 GB of internal flash memory, an upgrade of 75 percent compared to the original models, giving musicians more space for custom samples and synth sound libraries.
  • The 128-note stereo AWM2 and 128-note FM-X polyphony allow for extended playability and more freedom in sound design.
  • Both the modulation and pitch bend wheels have been upgraded to the same components used in MONTAGE for improved playability and lending the MODX+ a proper MONTAGE feel.
  • The extensive preset library covers a wide range of sounds and compatibility with MONTAGE, MOTIF XS/XF, MOXF and even DX and TX sounds. With Motion Control and a programmable matrix, all these sounds can be performed, mixed and combined dynamically.
  • Features 88 graded hammer keys for the authentic acoustic piano touch required by discerning pianists.