Rode VXLR+ 3.5mm TRS to XLR Adapter


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The Rode VXLR+ 3.5mm female TRS Socket to Male XLR Adapter is an adapter that lets you connect a mic equipped with a 3.5mm TRS connector to the XLR input of a professional camera, recorder, or mixer.

The VXLR+ also converts 12-48V phantom power down to 3-5V plug-in power, allowing lavalier, headset and shotgun mics to receive power from the XLR connector.

Compact and lightweight, the adapter is terminated by a 3.5mm female TRS connector at one end and an XLR male connector at the other. The 3.5mm connector is threaded to ensure your mic doesn't disconnect during recording.


  • Connects 3.5mm Source to XLR Input
  • Converts Phantom Power to Plug-In Power
  • For Lav/Headset/Shotgun Mics & Wireless
  • Threaded 3.5mm TRS Female to XLR Male