sE Electronics DM1 Dynamite Active In Line Mic Preamp


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Some mics need a LOT of gain - and not all preamps are up to the challenge. The DM1 DYNAMITE is an ultra-slim active inline preamp that fits seamlessly between your mic and mic pre, providing a massive +28dB of clean, transparent gain for all your passive microphones. With a sophisticated class-A design and specially-selected high-grade FETs, the DM1 has vastly lower output impedance and nearly half the noise of anything else on the market. Additionally, the gain it provides is always a consistent 28dB regardless of the connected load, thanks to its dedicated buffer amplifier.

 Note: Not suitable for phantom-powered microphones

  • For Passive Ribbon or Dynamic Microphone
  • Low Self-Noise
  • Gold plated XLR connector for loss-free reliable signal connection
  • Perfect for podcasting, recording, or live sound
  • Requires Phantom Power