Dunlop CBM95 Crybaby Mini Wah Pedal


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SMALL and NICE, Don't let its small size fool you!!! 

This Cry Baby Wah packs three different wah voicings to cover most of your tonal needs—Low, Vintage, GCB95—into a housing that's half the standard size and features true bypass switching.


  • Compact version of the Cry Baby for crowded pedalboards
  • Choose from 3 voices: low, vintage, and the more modern GCB95
  • Sports Italian-made Fasel inductors for smooth sweeps and great tone
  • Heavy die-cast construction will stand up to years of abuse
  • True-bypass switching for pure tone when the pedal is off
  • Requires a 9-volt battery or AC adapter (ECB003 Not included)