Boss IR-2 Amp & Cabinet Compact Pedal (IR2)


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The Complete Guide to Guitar Impulse Response and Cab Sim Pedals

The popularity of guitar impulse response (IR) and cabinet simulator pedals has led to exciting tonal options for guitarists.

Create a Completely Ampless Guitar Rig

Using IRs in a guitar rig also lets the player be completely ampless. IRs represent the complete setup, amp, cab, and microphone, and you can send them straight to the front of house. Setup and changeovers get streamlined, and transportation becomes much more manageable. Players can integrate a simple IR pedal into a pedalboard or pack it quickly into a gigbag. 


  • Premium amp emulator and cabinet IR loader in a BOSS compact pedal
  • Exceptional audio quality with 32-bit floating-point processing and 96 kHz sampling rate
  • Eleven different amp types and high-quality cab IRs from Celestion Digital
  • Simple user interface with Level, Gain, Bass, Middle, and Treble controls
  • Ambience effect with dedicated control
  • Mono input and stereo outputs
  • Mono/stereo loop for patching in mod, delay, and reverb effects after the amp emulation
  • Headphones jack for practice
  • USB-C for recording and audio playback via a computer or mobile device*
  • Switch between two amp/cab tones with the pedal switch or an external footswitch
  • Dedicated IR-2 IR Loader app (macOS/Windows) for loading your own cabinet IRs
  • Amp and cabinet sections can be turned on/off independently for isolated use
  • BOSS 5 year warranty